Friday, February 24, 2012

Omerta 2012 Spring round


  • Foreign hitlist brought back to the game.
    Now you can kill NPCs for KS. You will be able to get as high as 15 KS by doing that. If you want more KS, you will have to kill players who have 10+ KS. It will be hard to achieve hitman status, but the few who will do that will get the respect from everyone - friends and enemies.
  • 5 Action points every 10 minutes.
  • Still no chaos round at the end. However there will be a whole chaos round when everyone starts fresh after this round. You can still vote for this idea.
  • Change in progress - missions for the new players. After registering a new character one will get a set of missions to introduce player to the game functions. I hope this upgrade will be launched before round starts, but if not, it will come in this round anyway. This should help bringing in new players.
  • Possible change - a turing number must be entered when trying to shoot someone.
    This would eliminate the automatic dshots/shooting. Everyone would have the same chances to get a shot, however that would come with some extra "work" to get the shot done. I need you ideas and votes about that.
Round timetable

  • Character registration starts 2012.02.26 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round starts 2012.03.01 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round ends (no chaos start) 2012.05.01 8:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)


Liam said...

Sounds good, always trying something new is great and the fact that it will take old and new ideas and methods of the game is great, a happy median

Robbo said...

How much ks do you gain killing npcs and players then?

Robbo said...

Also since we have to kill players with 10 ks does that mean we can see others ks again like normal?

kswiss said...

Great stuff, sounds good.
Still think maybe 10ap would be better than 5, just to speed the game up just a touch..

mindae said...

I agree with kswiss 10 ap was wonderful idea, you grown up much more faster if you got killed :/

Malas said...

The KS wil not be visible as in previous rounds

MAntas said...

kodel man prisijungus ivedus nick kokio noriu po to raso akd as ilegal user ? :)

Lost Dreamer said...

I am not able to connect to omerta website. Is the server down ? Please help.


Sea Biscuit said...

I think the idea about entering a number before you shoot isn't good especially when there is a 40 minute window where the time can be open ...

Who in the right mind wants to sit for 40 minutes copy pasting a name and then entering a number?