Friday, January 11, 2013

Omerta round I 2013

The first round of 2013 will have several changes and one new feature.

  • Spy on last attempt. This new feature will hopefully reduce the dupe accounts used for d-shooting. It will cost the same amount of money and AP as other spy missions, but will have only 10% chance of success. In time of war there will be less chances to secretly defend families from rival hitmen. Cheating players will also have less chances to survive.
  • 2 rank killing limit.
    Players will be able to shoot another player if his rank is 2 ranks range. For example, mademan one would be able to shoot at gangster, wiseguy, mademan, capo and boss ranked players. This rule will also reduce the possible damage done by cheating people and also embrace families to invite more low ranked players just to be able to shoot down rival low ranks.
  • No killing skill for shooting players.
    This was a long discussed change, however we did it, because there are too few players to get them killed just for killing skill. Random deaths should drop dramatically after this change. New players will have a chance to get to know the game, more experienced ones will fight for lands and markets instead of just raising their killing skill.
  • Worldwide hitlist changes.
    Players will be able to get to the maximum killing skill by killing bots, however imune time for bots is increased to 25-30 minutes. Finding open targets will be more difficult, so getting to the hitman status will still be a big investment in both time and money. 
The round timetable is following

  • Registration start 2013.01.11 21:00 (UTC +2:00)
  • Round start 2013.01.18 8:00 (UTC +2:00)
  • Round end 2013.04.08 8:00 (UTC +2:00)


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Sounds good..

kswiss said...

Sounds good..

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