Sunday, April 20, 2008

Round v1.4 winners

Top players by Networth
  1. Vytautas Didysis
  2. Arc
  3. GGGgG
  4. Xander
  5. Arturas Zuokas
  6. Fossil
  7. Ronan
  8. Happy
  9. Lupin
  10. La Rambler
  11. Bobby Pin
  12. Albert Neri
  13. -Roy DeMeo
  14. ---mindertux---
  15. bleha
Top player by Rank
  1. Vytautas Didysis
  2. Xander
  3. Arc
  4. GGGgG
  5. Arturas Zuokas
  6. Fossil
  7. Bobby Pin
  8. ---mindertux---
  9. cikuraku
  10. Ronan
  11. -HarryPoter-
  12. La Rambler
  13. Cosa Nostra
  14. Malisauskas
  15. nenena
15 chaos round survivors
  1. Vytautas Didysis
  2. Randomist
  3. Connor
  4. Ronan
  5. -jose
  6. -Tony-
  7. Lupin
  8. Fossil
  9. cikuraku
  10. Kaliau
  11. dirtmonger
  12. vaijdas-
  13. Sinterklaas
  14. Saniok 14
  15. mop face


RxM said...
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RxM said...

cool round :) i liked it... except for some "minor" things :) all in all it was good, considering it was my first... Thx to all my friends in there, the ones who helped me and stood by me no matter what. I will not be able to play the beginning of the next round, will join maybe on the second half :) Till then, respect to all, and good luck :)


Revan said...

Familys that where there:

1 Shiauliu Ekipazas
2 Fighting Mongooses
3 SouthSide Gangsters
4 Xelenium
5 the cemetry
6 celery lives forever
7 La Stidda
8 Alcoholics Anonymous
9 Hogwarts

Only a few where made when chaos was on after the last kill some where made then.

these where the 4 before chaos last kill

1 Shiauliu Ekipazas
2 Fighting Mongooses
3 SouthSide Gangsters
4 Xelenium


Malas said...

i also think that this round was pretty good. It was more active then the previous ones, i hope to see you all in the next round :)

Jopie said...

As long as their is beer on the earth,...

We alcoholics will be there also again :)

Revan said...

there is always beer 24/7 in omerta bars ;)

Malas said...

and there's 25/7 beer in Lithuania lol

Minerva said...

Great round, important that some other players are mentioned here that did not survive till the end.

Claire Danes
Atruro Zuokas
Katras playing acc (i forget how to type it lol)

Revan said...

Xander very unlucky guy he was the last guy 2 die :( R.I.P great round you had shame you could not hold on for abit longer

RxM said...

i actually consider myself very lucky :)

look at this lol:

2008 Feb 26 9:43:13 You were promoted to gangster
2008 Feb 26 9:54:11 Vytautas didysis has tried to kill you

i am happy i died and finished last this chaos :) more than i expected :) was a full and good round for me :)


Revan said...

Some people do get lucky like lol you ready for next round ?

Revan said...

while yous are waiting on new round date to be set all you ejoy your self and get ready for when it starts

Seek said...

I had fun this round! I took a year off from playing and it was good to be back and see some old friends and meet a lot of new ones. I will be back around the end of June so I hope I am not too late into the next round.


Jose said...

yeah...nice round considering it was my first.and i survived chaos with lots of help from my friends.cheers to all who played the last round.:)