Saturday, May 3, 2008

Omerta Round v1.5


  • Character registration start: 2008.05.07 18:00

  • Round start - 2008.05.15 18:00

  • Chaos round start - 2008.08.15 18:00

  • Chaos ends when there are 15 players left


Martin said...

awesome:) no more not knowing;)

Jopie said...

i can't login anymore, the system killed me :(

I think next round we should make a fam with only alcohlics alowed :)

that should be great fun, you never know what will happen next lol

Malas said...

as far as i heard there will be a hooligans family next round, so alcoholics family would be one more trouble maker lol

Jopie said...

If Hooligan fam drinks alcohol we don't mind. They will be accepted as soul mates and so part of the fam then :)

if not we'll kill them :D

Seek said...

Is it possible to play Omerta without drinking?? :D

Seek said...

It made news in the US! LOL

VILNIUS (Reuters) - The Austrian national rugby team tried to get over their 48-0 defeat by Lithuania by staging a mass striptease in the capital Vilnius late on Saturday, only to find they had been caught on video and put on the Internet.

The video, put out by a blogger on social community website Virb (http:/ and then taken up by the Lithuanian news portal Delfi, showed a group of 20 men singing and stripping off their clothes on a street in central Vilnius, while people in a nearby bar clapped and cheered.

"Yes, these were the men we played against on Saturday ... I guess the defeat could have prompted them to do that," Lithuanian rugby federation President Aleksandras Makarenka told Reuters.

Delfi quoted the Vilnius police chief as saying stripping in public could be considered an act of hooliganism -- but by then the Austrian team had gone home.

Jopie said...

its spring now in Holland, i had to work the past holidays :(

i wanna fuck, just because i can :)

i'm thinking to make a very offensive nickname

Minerva said...

i think its a case of battle commencing on 15/5/08, lets make this round as great as the last one.

i hope to see another multi national families, as it was proved beyond doubt last time they can be as strong as any family, and it makes players make new alliances and friends, which makes the game even more interesting ;)

good luck to all!

Seek said...

Chaos Winners Round 1.5

Nr. Name Networth
1 Puta Madre 768742
2 Turbininis Vamzdis 732888
3 Silke 357123
4 Creed 325692
5 enobTe 215008
6 alpis- 131854
7 Geppie 126113
8 Bumeris- 118275
9 Svensson 102174
10 Papito Karla 92980
11 Ron Paul V 81712
12 x0s0 79844
13 Maiklas 78322
14 bms 67132
15 Thugster VI 34729