Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Omerta round v1.6F


  • Character registration start: 2008.09.08 11:30

  • Round start - 2008.09.13 12:00

  • Chaos round start - 2008.10.21 18:00

  • Chaos ends when there are 15 players left

This round is marked with the letter "F" which means it will be a fast round. You will get 20 AP every 10 minutes.


wordman said...

round v1.5 winners??

Malas said...

updated character registration time, to be more comfortable :)

Unknown said...

User scores by networth

Nr. Name Networth
1 Puta Madre
2 Silke
3 Turbininis Vamzdis
4 Creed
5 enobTe
6 Maiklas
7 alpis-
8 Bumeris-
9 Geppie
10 Papito Karla
11 Svensson
12 Ron Paul V
13 x0s0
14 bms
15 Thugster VI

wordman said...

has the round started already..why cant i login??

Unknown said...

yeah Malas wtf hurry up, we want play :DDDD Kadafi

Jose said...
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Jose said...

malas,could you give the GF's killed in chaos n the killers ? n why isn't char registration open yet mate? :)

Bruno said...

I think they got some problems
malas, please hurry!

Malas said...

sorry for the delay, i had some serious stuf going on :) just came back from the seaside with my new BMW, and the registrations are open from now on. Enjoy the new round and be patient waiting for the v2.0 ;)

Jose said...

malas...pease post the GF's killed in last chaos n the killers :)