Friday, December 18, 2009

Omerta 2010 Spring round

The winter round ended, winners got their prizes and those who died early want the information on the new round. I will not waste more of your time, here is the info:

The Timetable
  • Registration starts 2010.01.25 18:00 OMT (Omerta time)
  • Round starts 2010.02.01 18:00 OMT
  • Round ends 2010.06.09 18:00 OMT
  • Chaos ends when there will be 15 players left
The changes
  • Bribe officials prices will be fixed for each rank.
    Higher ranked people had to pay too much for the bribing, now there will be more space to breathe for them. Note that the suspicion rising is left the same, so hitmen shots will get a lot of suspicion as it was before.
  • World wide hitlist max KS 30.
    Now you will be able to raise your Killing Skill to 30 using the world wide hitlist. However, after 15 KS you will have to shoot Made Mans.
  • Killing other players will not give any Killing Skill.
    Now people will have chance to rise and have their own peaceful families. Wars between families should now start because of lands and higher future profits.
  • Prizefight ring and chop shop can be set up at lower ranks.
    Prizefight ring will be available since gangster rank.
    Chop shop will be available since wiseguy rank.
    Prices of these illegal businesses will remain the same.
  • Counterfeit press after being set up will have 1 lvl quality plates and 1 printer.
  • The city map will be graphical.
    After this update you will finally be able to see what territory your family has and of course what are other rival families territories.
  • When family is created it automatically receives its unique color. This color will be in city maps on the businesses, small indicator in scores, online lists and user profile.
I hope you will enjoy Omerta even more after these updates. Now you have more than a month holidays from Omerta, buy Christmas presents, write exams and enjoy the sleep :)

Omerta team wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!
See you in the Spring round!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Omerta 2009 Winter Chaos winners

Chaos round ended pretty fast, this time the winners will get 50 Omerta credits. Here is the list of the lucky ones:
  • oiprosalii
  • Al Cabr0n
  • ahahaa
  • bk in chaos
  • Tankas
  • Opk
  • -KarKiusas-
  • Demonas
  • Cptn David Barbosa
  • Marques
  • Sloviks
  • Millwall
  • ozkutis
  • kaipciayra
  • CK9
Credits will be assigned in few days after this post. Enjoy :)
Next Omerta round time schedule and changes will be announced later on this week.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Omerta 2009 Winter winners

We had big wars and plenty of active players this round. Finally, the game creators had some profit from Omerta, which should lead to faster developing of the mafia game. So here are the official round winners list:

Best Players By Networth
  • rokis [Kaptiorke] - won brand new Sony CyberShot phone
  • lengvai imetes [BaLTai]
  • -dede [Kaptiorke]
  • Tinukas 1 [BaLTai]
  • NuTs [Kaptiorke]
  • shuleris [oops]
  • oiprosalii [BaLTai]
  • Ruu [Kaptiorke]
  • Zuijkis 3 [Bavaria]
  • rails [Sacra Corona Unita]
Best Players By Rank
  • shuleris [oops] - won brand new Sony phone
  • -dede [Kaptiorke]
  • NuTs [Kaptiorke]
  • Ruu [Kaptiorke]
  • lengvai imetes [BaLTai]
  • Riesutas [Kaptiorke]
  • rails [Sacra Corona Unita]
  • oiprosalii [BaLTai]
  • Tinukas 1 [BaLTai]
  • Smauglys- [Kaptiorke]
Strongest Family boss
  • Ruu [Kaptiorke] - won brand new Sony phone
That's i for now. There are still 262 players left, so we will have to wait a little bit for Chaos round to end.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Omerta round summer 2009


  • Registration opens: 2009.05.01 12:00 OT
  • Round starts: 2009.05.02 12:00 OT
  • Chaos starts: 2009.08.20 18:00 OT
  • Chaos ends when 15 players are left alive
When chaos starts:
  • when you get killed you can not create new character
  • you get 120 AP every 10 minutes
  • everyones KS is raised to 15

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Omerta round v1.8

Timetable (canceled)

  • Character registration start: 2009.03.13 18:00 (Friday 13th :D)
  • Round start - 2009.03.15 18:00
  • Chaos round start - 2009.05.13 18:00
  • Chaos ends when there are 15 players left
This round will have serveral changes:
  • The income from moonshine and speakeasy will be lowered a lot
  • The income from prizefights and chop shop will be lowered too
  • Bribing cost will depend on the rank of the character
  • When using war section, suspicion will grow faster for higher KS characters

    Optional (if i will have enough time to make it)
  • Only the family boss can become Godfather (losing the position of family boss also demotes character rank from Godfather to boss)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Round v1.7 winners

Player of the round
  • Sea Biscuit
Chaos round survivors
  1. Dijenek Serbia
  2. drabble
  3. Blau Punkt II
  4. kapt
  5. Petras bl 10acc
  6. JaTochNietDan
  7. -Captain Barbosa-
  8. The game
  9. maljorkas
  10. Watchman
  11. PablitasIII
  12. Charlemange
  13. Cercar
  14. Big-Bear
  15. Moral