Sunday, August 1, 2010

Omerta 2010 II round

We hope you had great summer holidays, because they are over! Omerta is coming back to your lives. I already posted the round changes, so here i will post only the timetable.

The Timetable
  • Registration starts 2010.09.01 18:00 OMT (Omerta time)
  • Round starts 2010.09.03 18:00 OMT
  • Round ends 2010.12.10 18:00 OMT
  • Chaos ends when there will be 15 players left
This round i hope that there will be less random killing and there will be more families living in the city. If updates work, next time we will think (once again) of how to improve the KS raising system.
See you in the game ;)