Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Omerta round v1.7


  • Character registration start: 2008.11.20 18:00

  • Round start - 2008.11.23 18:00

  • Chaos round start - 2009.02.21 18:00

  • Chaos ends when there are 15 players left
This time you will get normal 10 Ap per 10 minutes, however attempt to kill someone will cost 40 AP and 40.000$.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Omerta v2.0 briefly

I know a lot of Omerta players can't wait for the Omerta v2.0 and we keep posting about how soon it will be presented. However the reality is, that v2.0 is only less than half finished. Most of you keep asking me what will be changed in the v2.0, so i thought it will be a good idea to make a few posts about the mysterious Omerta v2.0

Things we already have:
  • New layout.
    Yes, yes, i know, you are tired of the designs beeing changed and you always don't like the new ones, but this one should please you. It has the oldschool mafia charm and it will be made with web2.0 in mind.
  • Omerta School
    New players keep asking in forums and by private messages about how to play the game or how not to die in the first week. Omerta school will give a chance for admins and/or experienced players to write articles-tutorials divided into several types about Omerta. For example an article which discusses fast ranking vs big money issue.
Things we must make:
  • Omerta Community
    Omerta site will be no longer divided into 2 separate parts (home page and game pages). Everything will be made like iOmerta - you come to any of omertamafia.com site, log in and continue browsing it. Logged in users will be able to comment on articles in Omerta school, public forums will be no longer only an in-game feature - logged in users will be able to participate in it even if they don't have a player account, etc.
  • Omerta Admin System v2.0
    This will be a very important update. Lots of new tools, old tools extended. Our main task is to catch the cheaters by in-game activities, not only by IP addresses. This way people who use school/job computers or mobile devices will not be shot so often just because his/her friend/grandmother/cat logged in a few times from the same IP address.
  • Omerta Game v2.0
    Of course the most important and biggest part of the job. A lot of scheduled updates discussed in this blog and public forums will be implemented. The main target is to make possible for new players to start playing not only from the begining of the round, moreover we will make changes to make team play more exciting. And the last, but surely not least - killed screen will be made even more dramatic and possible with some sound effects :)
Now you know main details about what the current situation is. I hope this will make things easier. The main question now is, do you want another round of old omerta or not? Of course i can make some basic changes like 20 Aps every 10 minutes, or no KS for killing newbies, etc.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Omerta round v1.6F


  • Character registration start: 2008.09.08 11:30

  • Round start - 2008.09.13 12:00

  • Chaos round start - 2008.10.21 18:00

  • Chaos ends when there are 15 players left

This round is marked with the letter "F" which means it will be a fast round. You will get 20 AP every 10 minutes.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Omerta Round v1.5


  • Character registration start: 2008.05.07 18:00

  • Round start - 2008.05.15 18:00

  • Chaos round start - 2008.08.15 18:00

  • Chaos ends when there are 15 players left

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Round v1.4 winners

Top players by Networth
  1. Vytautas Didysis
  2. Arc
  3. GGGgG
  4. Xander
  5. Arturas Zuokas
  6. Fossil
  7. Ronan
  8. Happy
  9. Lupin
  10. La Rambler
  11. Bobby Pin
  12. Albert Neri
  13. -Roy DeMeo
  14. ---mindertux---
  15. bleha
Top player by Rank
  1. Vytautas Didysis
  2. Xander
  3. Arc
  4. GGGgG
  5. Arturas Zuokas
  6. Fossil
  7. Bobby Pin
  8. ---mindertux---
  9. cikuraku
  10. Ronan
  11. -HarryPoter-
  12. La Rambler
  13. Cosa Nostra
  14. Malisauskas
  15. nenena
15 chaos round survivors
  1. Vytautas Didysis
  2. Randomist
  3. Connor
  4. Ronan
  5. -jose
  6. -Tony-
  7. Lupin
  8. Fossil
  9. cikuraku
  10. Kaliau
  11. dirtmonger
  12. vaijdas-
  13. Sinterklaas
  14. Saniok 14
  15. mop face

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ideas for round v1.4 or v2.0

After lots of discussions with Omerta team and players we decided to add the following ideas to our work schedule. For now it is only a question of when those ideas will be implemented, most probably it will be in the next round.

Idea #1: Stopping killing spree
After reaching bodycount 20, every extra dead body will add more suspicion after the shot, no matter failed or success. So shooting everybody just for fun will cost you, the more bodies, the more suspicion after every shot.

Idea #2: Less luck, more math in killing
We think of adding a mechanism that would lower the randomness of killing success. This should prevent 150+ failed shots series.

Idea #3: Hey, who killed Joe?
Mike hated Joe so much, that one day he decided to shoot him. Bang! You have killed Joe. And in killed list nobody sees that Joe was killed by Mike, just the fact that he was killed and when he was killed. However if there were people online, they might have witnessed the murder (and got news "Joe was killed by Mike").

Idea #4: No more monopoly
Only the boss of a family can reach the godfather rank. This will end the times when all 5 godfathers were in the same family, which then takes over all the omerta into their hands.

These ideas are the main ones which will be implemented in the next few rounds. Please feel free to comment on them or add your own ideas on how to make our mafia game better.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Big changes came to Omerta

From tomorrow I(Malas) am leaving official job in TietoEnator corporation and will be working full time on Omerta project. Many times players told me that Omerta does not get enough time and is not developing as fast as it should, so now is the time, when we together could make Omerta a better game than it ever was.

However to succeed in this mission i will have to get your help and understanding. Omerta now became one of my money sources, so donations via Paypal or bank will be necessary in order to keep me full time in Omerta.

I will post ideas for the new round in near future, please check the blog a few times a day if you want to be the first to know ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Server problems

Today we are experiencing server problems. For now we do not know what caused these problems. Possible reasons are:
  • hacker attacks on our servers
  • hacker attack on database
  • our database server is simply too old to manage this amount of activity
  • our server administrator is drunk again and did something very bad to the servers
No matter what is the reason, next round we will move to new servers. This will cost quite a lot, so as soon as possible we will start a money raising campaign. I hope that some of you are not that selfish and will help to buy a better place for Omerta.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Omerta Round v1.4


  • Character registration start: 2008.01.18 18:00

  • Round start - 2008.01.21 18:00

  • Chaos round start - 2008.04.16 18:00

  • Chaos ends when there are 15 players left