Saturday, December 10, 2011

Omerta 2011 winter holiday round!

You get what you ask
Many of you asked during and after the 2011 III round that we would launch a short and fast round on winter holidays. Shockingly, we have listened to you :) We announce a new round, just for winter holidays!

What will be different?

  • 15 Action Points every 10 minutes
  • No worldwide hitlist (bots) available
  • No chaos at the end of round
  • Round length is a little bit more than a month
These changes should make the round more intense and, we hope, more fun. After the round post here if you think that all the next rounds should have these changes and what further changes we should implement to make Omerta even better.

Round timetable
  • Character registration starts 2011.12.10 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round starts 2011.12.15 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round ends (no chaos start) 2012.01.23 8:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
Have a great time playing. merry Christmas and a Happy new year!
We love you all :)