Saturday, January 8, 2011

Omerta 2011 Ideas

Hey everyone, i am now taking exams in university, so you have some time to give your ideas for Omerta new round. This time you can put your ideas into this post comments. I will check the comments and choose the best ones and put them into this post. Ideas which are posted here can be voted for. The ones with most votes will have best chances to be implemented. I will add the first one - Anonymous killer.

For those who are interested in when the new round starts i can tell that February is the month to think about. And now i am back to study boring stuff, wish me luck in my exams :)

Idea list:
  • Anonymous killer.
    No more killer name in obits screen. Dead man can't talk, right? So how can everyone know who killed someone?
    Votes - 11.
  • Create a family costs 150.000$
    There will be no rank limit to create a family, everyone having 150k will be able to create one. Of course having in mind newbies can not receive money and they surely can not earn such money, minimum rank of family boss will be ~gangster.
    Votes - 10.
  • Bribe cost depends on KS
    Votes - 6.
  • 1 KS for every bot or player kill
    This remains true only for bots/players lower not more than 2 ranks.
    Votes - 9.
  • Remove the thumb from "Killed Go back" Screen :)
    Votes - 1.
  • Offer cars by ticking them and submiting.
    Votes - 3.
  • Hide Killing Skill bar from public.
    Only family members could see players KS.
    Votes - 4.
  • 7 days of immunity.
    New character gets 7 days of immunity unless war action is used.
    Votes - 1.
  • 3! You're out!
    3 suspensions for the same character means you're dead.
    Votes - 2.