Friday, July 23, 2010

Autumn round changes

This time we will not make any changes to the killing system. Current changes are meant to disable one big family ruling the round. Read on, comment and propose better ideas.

  • Extort count will be limited by the rank of the player.
    This means that newbies can not have extorts, gangster can have 10, wiseguy - 20, made man - 30, capo - 40, boss - 50 and godfather will be able to have 60 extorts.
    This will limit the family land size and limit income from extorts and speakeasies.
  • Bribe cost will depend on the bodycount of the player.
    This is simple, the bigger your bodycount is the more your bribes will cost. For now we will make that 1 bodycount gives +1% of bribe cost. So for example, Dreamer had bodycount of 120, so he would have had to pay +120% of the bribe costs.
  • Player will see a warning message if the IP to log in is used by another account.
    After this update players will know if they are violating the rules or not and have 1 excuse less when caught.
That's all for now. If you think something more should be changed or added, please feel free and comment here.