Thursday, July 12, 2007

New: Administrator Levels

Omerta is expanding and we thought that it is a good idea to separate responsabilities between Omerta admins. What is more, we also wanted to remove corruption possibilities in administration. So today we introduce to you administrator levels:
  1. Help desk, translator - can access only message center and forums. Does not have any administrating rights. These accounts will be given to people who have to have a constant account in Omerta. Contact them if you have any questions about the game.
  2. Moderator - can access only message center and forums. Has right to delete threads and/or posts which are violating Omerta rules. These admins should be contacted only if you have something to report about bad behavior in forums or if you receive messages with advertisements.
  3. Anti cheater - can access message center, forums and the administrating system 'Bebras'. Has right to delete threads, posts and can suspend, kill or fine in any other way characters who are violating the rules of Omerta. Report possible cheaters to them.
  4. Game creator - has all the rights and access to all game and administrating sections. Game creators should be contacted ONLY if you have a bug to report.
All levels of administrators except Game creators will not have any money, action points and will not be able to access any in game sections. We hope that this update will raise the level of confidence in admins and will make it easier for players to get help or information they want from the game administration.


Gerben said...

Good plans, i like it :)

If you don't mind, i'm not running for any of the jobs. I have enough prolems myself being Joop lol

Btw, I think Cerafil, Silver and Katras are doing excellent jobs and i also think game needs at least 1 moew American to join Admins-crew for during the European nights.

Malas said...

for now it's quite difficult to find any american admin, becouse we don't talk too much with players from america and i can not make someone admin who i do not know or trust 100%

Ricardo said...

Good job

Matt said...

Nice i like it :)

The current admins are doing a great job.