Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ideas for round v1.4 or v2.0

After lots of discussions with Omerta team and players we decided to add the following ideas to our work schedule. For now it is only a question of when those ideas will be implemented, most probably it will be in the next round.

Idea #1: Stopping killing spree
After reaching bodycount 20, every extra dead body will add more suspicion after the shot, no matter failed or success. So shooting everybody just for fun will cost you, the more bodies, the more suspicion after every shot.

Idea #2: Less luck, more math in killing
We think of adding a mechanism that would lower the randomness of killing success. This should prevent 150+ failed shots series.

Idea #3: Hey, who killed Joe?
Mike hated Joe so much, that one day he decided to shoot him. Bang! You have killed Joe. And in killed list nobody sees that Joe was killed by Mike, just the fact that he was killed and when he was killed. However if there were people online, they might have witnessed the murder (and got news "Joe was killed by Mike").

Idea #4: No more monopoly
Only the boss of a family can reach the godfather rank. This will end the times when all 5 godfathers were in the same family, which then takes over all the omerta into their hands.

These ideas are the main ones which will be implemented in the next few rounds. Please feel free to comment on them or add your own ideas on how to make our mafia game better.


Sam said...

great ideas malas i like those alot especially the hey, who killed joe cant wait till they get implemented

Anonymous said...

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Minerva said...

Great idea's, the most important is the 1 GF for each family idea.

I always thought though, that having a "Family Bank" would be a good idea, much like the casino bank, where only boss and underboss would be able to withdraw, but any family member can make deposits. This would mean that when the boss is killed, if he has put most of his cash in the family bank, then the family do not lose all their cash and networth that happens when a boss usually dies.