Monday, April 12, 2010

Killing system idea

Omerta is a mafia game, not farmville or simcity, that's why we need a really good and balanced killing system. This post is dedicated to through some ideas for you and with your help to come up with the solution, which should be implemented in the next round to make Omerta a better place.

Current situation
With bots (worldwide hitlist) added, people can raise their KS without any danger or wars, so becoming a hitman is not a question of if, but the question of when. I liked it more when very few people were able to become hitmans.
Another big issue is, that 20-30 people family can control whole game by not letting the people rise. This is also an issue for killing system, maybe there should be a posibility to have guerilla wars, when small organized group can make big damage to strong family.

Possible solution
With players discussing everything in public forum we came up with the idea of following killing system:
  • New players get 7 days of imunity, however if they use war section before the period is over, they lose their imunity.
  • Players get 1 KS for EVERY player killed (maximum 30). That means that even if the Godfather kills newbie, he still gets +1 KS.
  • Worldwide hitlist remains active, but probably the cost of shot will be increased and of course for 1 kill you will get +1 KS.

This would be a mix of old and new KS systems. and the game should be pretty balanced. If you have different opinion, please comment here and help us find the best solution.

PLEASE don't post "bring back old system", if you have a proposal, post it and say why it is better.


terry said...

i like it but the 1 skill per kill to 30 would be near impossible reduce to 20 that is still 16 kills but to get to 30 ks u got to use 26 kills it a bit extreme

vyckas said...

i think its good idea.But again..with this new KS system can
be a lot hitmans how this round.If u will have friends who
help u with money u can reach hitman very ye i read
that u write dont say bring it back old system,but its was
the best ks system for me .with 7 days imunitet is very
good idea and 1 kill - 1ks is too very good,but then again
will be many many hitmans..better make some hitmans limit in
omerta how now with Godfather Post.And who wanna be
hitman,must kill some hitman and come to him spot then
will be more wars and etc sorry for my bad english but i
wish u understnad

AJ said...


I like that you care about the players :):) Oke, first of all I think KS is gained WAY to easy now.

In the olden days, you had families with both hitmen and funders. It was really hard to become hitman, as well as earning lots of money, so many players couldnt become both. So you had players like Cerafil, gaining KS, and people like BigK, with big businesses to support the family.

Nowadays, when you have a lot of money and high rank, but no KS, you won't get any respect, because you form no threat.

What I suggest:

Make the kill skill maximum be 20 (I think 15 is even better).

Make gaining kill skill harder, maybe more AP, but def more money.

War actions more expensive. If they know whacking someone will cost 100k, then the 'funders' will be respected too (you know what I mean?)

The game should be more balanced between hitmen and 'funders'. It will come down to incredibly well organized families. Also, by lowering the maximum kill skill, the game will have it olds nuances back.

Let me know what you think about this please :)

katras said...

i dont see big difference between killing newbes (inactive players) and bots. the only difference is that more new/real players will be killd just fo ks.

Ricardo said...


I think making it 1KS for each kill is rather useless. For the people who shoot innocent people now do not do this for killskill.. they not even do it for bodycount. They just want to stay safe without risking someone rising up against them.

I think this guerilla Idea is an idea that could be Taken in considderation but only if it is with a brilliant structure. (for examble: an Attack would take about 20 people paying 100K each and spending 120AP. Only one person can create a guerilla proposition and sent invites to 25 people. If 20/25 people accept his invite and pay the price+AP then.. and only then Can the attack begin. A rich man can find out if any "propositions" against his family are awaiting acceptance. Finding out if will cost 1KK and then he still wudn;t know WHO is organising this against him)

For what remains.. malas you can say what you want but the Rank limits were the best ;) BY FAR!

Cerafil :) (yes im back)

katras said...

please dont forget why bots was created - to avoid people killing just for ks. And it works!! Previously only very little part of new players stayed on the game - most of them after first deaths left Omerta.

In my point of view, there is 3 main problems in this game: it's to easy become hitman, hitmans is too important in this game (gf+hitman usually is like god in the game and funders are nothing) and dupers d-shooters.

I propose such changes, some of them are quite drastical:
1) you can shoot real player if only you killed at least 2 bots - your ks is 8 or higher. (prevention of dshoots from dupes)
2) If you raise more than capo (boss or gf) your ks will be downgraded to 15 and cant be raised. that mean that if you are hitman you cant be higher than capo. If you want to be hitman you need to have funders - if you are capo + full rank, you cant make bussines, otherwise you will be upgraded to boss and loose ks.
This can be explained that bosses and godfathers must spend lots of time in managing of their family, so they cant keep their shooting skill high (logical in reality). Funders will be much more safer becouse of possibel higher ranked,and hitmans wouldnt be like gods anymore.

Ricardo said...

2) I like this idea but then you must be able to "stop ranking" Like an account option. Dont gain rank from your actions. So that you can still help raising businesses and entering fights from your fam members.

1) Dupes only exist because of the useless killings I think and in wartimes.

I think this is a great Idea and I would even raise to bar to 5 kills.

P.s What I ment by the rank limits being best is the following. Only a lil select group of people is into killing everybody else in the game. If you kill gangsters nobody really gets mad.. but if you a GF killing capo's for fun somebody is bound to get upset.

I remember fighting "Alpis" (who killed all MM and above) because Hamann was afraid someone would rank Capo and Kill him.

But this was still more fun and with more potential to actually achieve then fighting a mad Godfather. And all the time you were Wiseguy you would be safe.. So that left way more open space for organising "guerilla warfare".\\

I just think so



Malas said...

interesting ideas commented here. however i afree the most with AJ's one.
people get too many $$$ and too easy, so they can spend then on raising KS.

we have 2 choices:
1. lower the profits/making business upgrades more expensive.
2. higher the prices of war actions.

terry said...

i think raisning war action prices is the best option i think decreasing buisnesses income would make it hard for funders too hard if u ask me so increasing war prices is more realistic as 100k per shot is great but harder if u want to become hitman so becoming hitman will take longer and make it more fun ;)

samiott said...

Raise war prices....i agree 100k a shot.

Sandy :)

Seek said...

If we had not listened to all of the people crying about not having enough Mademan bots we would have been OK. Go back to the way it was at the start of the round. We had very few hitmen because there were very few mademan bots.

And make it only one account per valid IP address ;)