Saturday, January 8, 2011

Omerta 2011 Ideas

Hey everyone, i am now taking exams in university, so you have some time to give your ideas for Omerta new round. This time you can put your ideas into this post comments. I will check the comments and choose the best ones and put them into this post. Ideas which are posted here can be voted for. The ones with most votes will have best chances to be implemented. I will add the first one - Anonymous killer.

For those who are interested in when the new round starts i can tell that February is the month to think about. And now i am back to study boring stuff, wish me luck in my exams :)

Idea list:
  • Anonymous killer.
    No more killer name in obits screen. Dead man can't talk, right? So how can everyone know who killed someone?
    Votes - 11.
  • Create a family costs 150.000$
    There will be no rank limit to create a family, everyone having 150k will be able to create one. Of course having in mind newbies can not receive money and they surely can not earn such money, minimum rank of family boss will be ~gangster.
    Votes - 10.
  • Bribe cost depends on KS
    Votes - 6.
  • 1 KS for every bot or player kill
    This remains true only for bots/players lower not more than 2 ranks.
    Votes - 9.
  • Remove the thumb from "Killed Go back" Screen :)
    Votes - 1.
  • Offer cars by ticking them and submiting.
    Votes - 3.
  • Hide Killing Skill bar from public.
    Only family members could see players KS.
    Votes - 4.
  • 7 days of immunity.
    New character gets 7 days of immunity unless war action is used.
    Votes - 1.
  • 3! You're out!
    3 suspensions for the same character means you're dead.
    Votes - 2.


kabelz said...

I like one idea by Xoso long time ago. It consits in that every player with 150k would be able to create a new family. I like this idea because it brings a lot of fun to the game. There will be a lot of small families fighting each other and that does not prevent another family from dominating but it brings an opportunity to the rest to have fun of the game while others are dominating. And it is even realistic.

kswiss said...

yes i agree with kabelz,it would bring more fun to omerta and make it a bit more interesting...

Jopie said...

Idea list:Anonymous killer.
No more killer name in obits screen. Dead man can't talk, right? So how can everyone know who killed someone?

IRL Who kills who question can be solved by police. If you say yes to this idea, then you also have to create an Omerta Law hahaha

Good luck with your exams :)

Malas said...

Jopie, some of the online players will get news that they saw how Dude1 killed Dude2 ;)

kabelz, your idea is added to the list :)

Fito said...

kabel's idea is great...with it, the game will be more exciting for people that havn't got so rank.

XmA said...

Idea list:Anonymous killer.
No more killer name in obits screen. Dead man can't talk, right? So how can everyone know who killed someone?

Hello. then I think, there must be from 5-1 witness. for each kill!
;) Or police. like Jopie said :)

Hajimari no Kaze said...

Regarding KS system: keep bots and 2 rank deficite, but give only 1ks per bot AND player kill.
Activate 'increasing bribe cost' per ks.

Malas said...

All ideas added, i also voted for the Bribe cost depending on KS.

Any more ideas?

kabelz said...

I vote the idea of 1ks per players and bots and for the bribe cost depending on KS, but what will be the maximum cost?

Jopie said...

Bring back old Go Back screen

Without the thumb and back the aaaargh sound :)

Don't know what others think about that, but for me Go back is one of the best things in Omerta

katras said...

idea about families is good and easy to be implemented.. I like it.

The second thing - ks should be added for killing real players also

Jopie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jopie said...

Can I have more votes? I think i have :D

1. Anonymous killer: +1
2. Family 150k no rank limit: +1
3. Bribe vs KS: +1
4. KS for bot and player: +1
5. Old Go back: +1

1. This could give new dimensions to the game, bribing players who saw the killing to shut up. Lying about who killed you, cause nobody saw it anyway and so create wars. I like it :D
4. better remove bots, we had too much hitmen last round and too much inactive players

Malas said...

ideas and votes updated!

bribe cost depending on KS will have +200% max limit.

and i will not remove the bots. there were too many hitmen not because of bots :) bribe cost depending on KS should lower that number a little bit i think.

kabelz said...

I also vote for the annonymous killer idea (but I would like an option before the killer kills that I he wants to make it plubic or not, in case that he does not it would be as described) and I vote for removing the thumb on killing screen too.

kabelz said...

if he wants*

Malas said...

kabelz, a very great addition to he anonymous killing :)
public announcment of killing someone would add respect for the killer :)

Robbo said...

A fresh look to game. Like the game based in the 1930s maybe bring it to the 2011 with modern stuff like cars. Maybe you could buy differnt types of weapons that and body armour and a new bussiness arms dealer. Maybe health bar to kill some1 got to take all health. Maybe Jobs

Bokalas said...

Voting for Anonymous killer,Family creating, and 1ks system

Jopie said...

So the higher your KS the higher your increase of suspension when attempting to whack.

But is it also so that the higher your bodycount and full KS the higher increase sus lvl?

And the lower your victim in rank (gap in rank) the higher the increase in sus lvl?

I think that should be in it also

Malas said...

votes updated ;)
tell your friends about this blog, we need more ideas and vtes!

Seek said...

Add Go back screen to bot kills.

Make it harder to reach hitman by going back to original number of MM+ bots.

Give anticheaters more and better tools! :D

Hajimari no Kaze said...

I've just remembered that someone was proposing an idea about CS. It was about "ticking" cars to accept/cancel them all at the same time.

So I'd vote for this one, "family cost", "increasing bribe per ks" and "1ks per player/bot kill".

Malas said...

votes updated!

Seek, write me an email of what tools you would exactly need :)

Diana said...

I think then someone kills anyone, only those players currently online should receive message that player a killed player b :) as if they were witnesses :)

Captain Barbosa said...

1. anonymous killer
2. kabels idea
3. 1ks for every bot/player killed
4. .Offer cars by ticking them and submiting.<<<<i dont understand this one so much but if it means you can send mass amount of cars to 1 player at a time i cast my vote here as well:D

Good luck malas!

Robbo said...

Being able to travel to differnt places and can only kill rob spy etc people in the samd place your in

katras said...

when round is going to start?? i miss omerta already..

Captain Barbosa said...

i believe mid February katras. shouldn't you know all of this lol

Captain Barbosa said...

boo on robo's idea does not sound like an urgent thing to tackle.

robertas said...

Hide KS bar :)

fainas said...

yeah i like last post ... i think will be good if every player can hide ks and only his family can see it or somethng like this.

terry said...

I vote for anonymous killer with option to shoot with out remaining anonymous so if u go on rampage and kill half of a big family every1 can see that also

and 1 witness statement should be sent out to gangster and above so non active newbies receive the statements
and with only 1 statement people can make money off of a family boss or something if u understand me

also i vote for the killskill being added 1 for bots and maybe 2 for human as u can always recieve backshot and also make people go for the gamble of tryin for a little more skill ;) (maybe will stop so many hitman)

AKA Fergie/Chaos/Wayne

see all next round ;)

terry said...

Also Good luck malas in ur examz

looking forward to new round hope u can fit all them changes in lol

inesamasolaite said...

I agree with anonymous kill but I think it would cost much what not everybody could do it anonymous....because if everybody will kill anonymuos we will not know who is enemy....

Markas said...


inesamasolaite said...

and GOOD LUCK with exams ;)

Malas said...

great to see that the Omerta community is so active :)

all votes and ideas updated.

inesamasolaite said...

Only family members could see players KS.

samiott said...

I vote for anonymous killer and gangster family 150k. :)

Good luck with your exams ((hugz))


Robbo said...

A better prize fighting system

Dozerrrr said...

1. 150k to start a family
2. 1ks+ for whacking either player or bot (2 rank limit)
3. old ks screen
4. ks screen for both player and bot kills
5. anonymous killer (maximum 5 witness)
6. bribe cost = ks (maximum 200%)
7. ticking car offers (mass car sending)

8. hide ks bar (only family members can see)
9. 7 days immunity if no war actions are used

8 and 9 i like but i dont think are important updates

Dozerrrr said...

sorry forgot to add:

1. 150k to start a family (WG rank???)

10. re-useable names (only for the same email account)

ok it's nice to see my dead characters, but i would prefer to use the name dozer more than once per round.

11. no leniency. if suspected of cheating, duping, etc. - suspend immediately. maximum 24 hours of suspension. either kill or un-suspend. no exceptions. 3 suspensions of same character = kill.

Malas said...

great ideas all in the same place :)
votes updated.

and i passed all of my exams, so new round is not far away from now ;)

Hajimari no Kaze said...

Gratz, Malas! We can't wait! =)

The Niq

Jopie said...

It's february! (drink)

Congratz with passing your exams Malas :)

If you have time between your well deserved parties with lots of beer and women for passing exams and implementing the winning updates,...

Any idea when new round will start?

Robbo said...

Russian roulette

Basicly two players doesnt matter what rank part from newbie play each other in a game of russian roulette 1 lives 1 dies. both have to agree to play. Am sure you know the rules and also the winner takes all cash legal and illegal and also you dont gain ks and ks and rank and bgs has no effect I just random 1/6 chance

Seek said...

3! You're out!
3 suspensions for the same character means you're dead.
Votes - 2.

What??? You get 1 warning/suspension. The next time I just shoot you.

Malas said...

i just added the ideas players offered :) most of them are good and will be implemented :) however some will not :)