Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Omerta tips: Ranking

How to rank fast?
As experienced players may have noticed, the fastest way to rank is to make thefts. This feature gives you less money than any other actions, however your rank will grow faster. The most important thing in fast ranking is not to miss the 4 hour, or in other words, 120 action points limit, spend as much action points as possible on theft.
The tricky thing is that different ammount of AP spent in theft gives you slightly different rank growth. Spending 5AP four times will not give the same ammount of prmotion points as spending 10AP twice. It' is you who will try to find the ultimate technique of spending APs on theft to get the highest results.

Money or rank?
A lot of players often ask themselves "What should i do now, to get a high rank, or start earning money?". I think that everyone's answer is right no matter what s/he chooses. The higher rank, the safer you are, but what's from that safety if you have no money. On the other hand if you are rich and with low rank, there is a high probability, that someone will try to kill you only for the money you have.
I prefer ranking until Wiseguy, then join a family and only then start earning money.

Killing skill or rank?
This is the hardest one. Killing skill is very important in Omerta, it gives you wieght in the game. If you have good killing skill you are a valuable player and a lot of people will be afraid of you. Gaining killing skill requires a lot of money and even more action points, that is why you should decide you want to rank or become a hitman first.
If you have high rank you are able to earn more money for shooting, but it is harder to find a target you could shoot at. You should always thinks if you want to be a defensive player or offensive. If you just want to be neutral and do not shoot at anyone ranking to the sky is the way for you, however if you want to ba a family hitman, try to raise your KS instead of ranking first.

I hope this information is usefull. In the future i will post more tips and tricks in omerta.

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