Thursday, June 28, 2007

Round v1.1 problems

The round goes to the end. We have looked into it and tried to seek out the problems we encauntered. There is a list of them.

Major problems
  • The first major proble is that hackers are trying to harm our servers in a lot of various ways. As our budgest is low, we can not fight with them properly and our servers sometimes go offline. What is more, those hackers are nothing more that Omerta players or ex-players, this fact schocked me the most.
  • The second major problem would be lack of game help for our newcomers. As i can see from our traffic and game logs, there are plenty new people coming to omerta, but due to poor game guides they leave after beeing killed the first few times. This leads to the third major problem.
  • Killing for fun. I noticed that some of the highest ranked players kill low ranked people only to have higher bodycount. Of course, if you have killed more than 100 people in one round you will have something to boast about for your friends, however these kills have major impact in Omerta expansion.
  • Bug abusing and cheating is the last, but not the least problem. Some players find bug and instead of reporting it, they abuse it to gain an unfair advantage in the game. This problem is i think the most serious one. If we want to improve our game and make it even more interesting to play, we have to know about the bugs. Duping is another problem which can not be solved only by the game administration. People have to understand, that cheating is not the way to play. We try to catch and kill the cheating persons, however our budget does not allow us to spend as much time on omerta as we would want to.

Minor problems

  • Missing game sections. The game is in developing stage so until now we have several sections in the game which do not work - upgrade legal business, voting poll and casino illegal business.
  • Killing screen. I receive tons of messages telling me that current killed screen is not as nice as it cuold be.
  • Anti cheaters mistakes. This is sad, but we are all humans and we make mistakes. Sometimes unguilty people are killed by anti cheaters, however this is only becouse of poor quality of the tools they have to detect cheaters, we are working on this issue in oerder to minimize the mistake count and maximize catched cheaters count.
  • Mistakes in game sections. Some of the game sections are in the place where they should not be. For example Family invitations should logicaly be in the family section and now they are next to the messages. Family bosses can't see or remove the invitations they have sent... etc.

I think this list should be bigger, but i think that these problems are the most important. All of these problems will be solved, but again, our budget is so tiny that we can not afford to spent a lot of time on our beloved mafia game.

Soon we will have donation section and supporter accounts, then you will be able to support our game and help improve it.

Meet you in the round v1.1b and good luck in the chaos.

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