Monday, September 10, 2007

Omerta Round v1.3


  • Character registration start: 2007.10.01 18:00

  • Round start - 2007.10.03 18:00

  • Chaos round start - 2007.12.20 18:00

  • Chaos ends when there are 15 players left

Additional Information

We hope to make Omerta Supporter accounts available, however PayPal restrictions and various legal issues make it extremely difficult. We are now discussing taxing issues with legal authorities, try to sign contratcs with companies which would allow you to pay for the servies in a convienient way.

This longer break between the rounds was needed for us, becouse we had several exams to pass and make a lot of testing in order to remove minor bugs from the Omerta game. We will announce the changes and new features a little bit later.


Yb said...

to long

AJ said...

Good job Malas! Good luck with your examns :) I hope you won't tell any liths of the secrets of the Moonstil, but I am convident you won't :D

Gerben said...

if it takes till october to fix all bugs and create new features, then so be it. Good luck indeed with your exams, Malas :)

Malas said...

well this time we want the round would not give any critical bugs, we want to make everything right. Everythig should work how it should :)

i think it is better to wait more thant to have a round where the TOP players were using some bug you never knew of ;)