Monday, September 10, 2007

New: Moonshine Still

Moonshine still - a new illegal family business
Several rounds ago we raised an idea to have a family businesses. After long discussions we decided to make one. And here it is - the Moonshine Still.

This new business will have 2 main parts:

Moonshine Still
  • Can be built only by the boss of a family.
  • Upgrades must be built in a free legal business.
    If you want to upgrade MS, you will have to have a free legal business. In case of arson you will lose only a part of your business.
  • Depending on the ammount of upgrades, produces alcohol.
    You will be able to choose whether to sell it only to family members or to everyone who wants it.


  • Can be built by family members except the boss of the family.
  • Sells alcohol every turn.
    Sale amount depends on the territory the family has. Extorted or bought, does not matter.
  • You can have as many speakeasies as you can afford, but the sales will be divided for every speakeasy in the family equaly.

Additional Information

As far as it is a new illegal business, it is still beeing balanced, so all the prices, profits and other information will be announced when the game starts. Some of the details will remain secret, only the most inteligent players will find out how to use that businesses in the most effective way.

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