Sunday, October 14, 2007

Omerta tips: Moonshine & Speakeasy

The Moonshine business
The profit from it comes when you produce and sell the alcohol. You have 2 options: only to your family, or to everyone who want to buy it. But beware, if you sell it to everyone, high profits can attract other players into the market. The more upgrades you have, the more alcohol you produce. This business is really simple to manage.

The Speakeasy business
If you have an alcohol supplier and are in a family, you can create speakeasy business. The amount you sell every hour depends on the upgrades made and the land your family has. However there is a maximum you can sell every hour and it depends only from the family land. Even if your speakeasy could sell 1000 alcohol in an hour, but your family has less land, you won't sell the max. So land is the key to highest profits.


tictac47 said...

question unrelated to post: how do u get to steal cars that arent level 1?

Malas said...

you must be higher rank :)
gangster+ can steal lvl 2 cars

Malas said...

you can always ask for help from helpdesks ;)