Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Omerta tips: Casino

How to make profits from the casino illegal business?
The main thing is to make the players play in your casino. It's just simple maths. The more times a player plays the closer to statistical your win/loss ratio will come. In order to be profitable, losing possibility in your casino should be more than 50%.

Bigger losing possibility = bigger profits for casino?
No way! If the chances of winning in the casino are too little none of the gangster will come to play, then your casino profits will drop down drastically. As experienced players say, the optimal chance of losing is somewhere between 51% to 56%.

What the max bet should be?
The optimal max bet of a casino is a difficult question to answer. There are some gamblers, who use various betting strategies. The most common thing in all the them is raising bets every time they lose. So your max bet should limit their ability to do that too many times. On the other hand, if you max bet is little people will not lose as much money as they could if the maximum allowed bet is bigger.

Additional benefits of having a casino
I think the most important benefit of having a casino is keeping the illegal money safe from robberies. When your illegal money is in the casino none of the thugs can rob you. BUT, beware of the mafia wars. In time of war someone can easily burn your casino with all the money inside.


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