Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Omerta 2011 II round winners

Best family award (2000 credits)
Cosa Nostra

This family had 27 members, so each member will get 74 credits
Cosa Nostra members:
Marcus Ortega
- Nobody -
Walter Rosenblood
Vytautas Landsbergis
William Blake
Ron Paul III
Johnny Walker
english rule
Llzard Klng

Best family boss award (100 credits)

Highest player by rank award (100 credits)
Uncle Pops

Thanks to Dalius everyone got their credits and thanks to Malas everyone knows that now :)
We will post the new round timetable next week, so keep an eye on the blog.


kabelz said...

Oh yeah (beer)

fainas said...

nice one liam ! congratz.

kswiss said...

well done liam.....

T-0588 said...

??? wtf? i was only one player left who didnt die in all round!

Highest player by rank award (100 credits)
Uncle Pops

so WTF?

its enough for of this bullshit!

i'm leaving!

iSHOOT, T-0588

jimaz said...

best family :D

Dreamer said...

bad j0b malas.. Highest player by rank award (100 credits)
Uncle Pops

T-0588 deserved more. he stayed from first day till end of round, had many wars. and family best was ssg...

Malas said...

Uncle Pops had more APs spent or spent his APs more efficient, so his rank was higher. Databases do not lie.

T-0588 aka iShoot got a special prize and was voted as the best round player, so everyone should be happy.

T-0588 said...

yrah best player of the round... even didn't get any credits.. i spend on this round a lot of them... btw we got a lot of war so i spend them in war actions. and i spend my aps from round start and u say that uncle pops (42 days of playing with acc) spended more of them them me in all round (60 days of playing with the same character)?

2th thing

what about best fam?
in first look yes in end of round Cosa Nostra had bigest fam and bigest nw, but this fam created ~30days before end of round.

SSG like always was created first from all fam. 60% (if not more) of all round was in 1th place by NW. survived all round in all wars, and in chaos survived too and ended the game in first place.

if not ssg best fam then i say LAW should be. that fam was smalest and one of strongest fam. they had few great wars and survived till chaos.


in one word next time at end of round need to take richest player in one fam to get best fam NW and then fam will be best fam... i think this is nonsense. you should to evaluate all round family game and then decide which family is the best

3th thing
Best family boss award

the same u should check all round fam boss playing, evaluating role in families, its maintenance, management, communication with other families, the accuracy of the decision.

i think now results are wrong.
i know cuz i played and have seen all situation in my own eyes.


my suggestion that seek (if he agree with it) next round every weekend make:

Best family
Best family boss
Highest player by rank, NW
(maybie best player of week)

list.and in the end of round will be easier to make final list of winers.

plz understand and me, i played that round almost perfectly as much as i can.
*first created
*didnt die all round (only i alone survived from all players)
*killed most player in (this is with chaos)
*I was able to find allies. I helped them and they helped me when I need. and I was able to keep the family alive till the end.
*supported a lot of players including in wars

and what i get is just best player of round without any award (even my nick is not in any "Omerta 2011 II round awards" list ) lol after few round my nick and what I have achieved with SSG fam will be forgotten...

sorry for my english i'm a bit angry.

iSHOOT, T-0588

T-0588 said...

Uncle Pops had more APs spent or spent his APs more efficient, so his rank was higher

yes more efficient ap spending using 9AP bug (u know about that malas, but u cant fix it. make new one AP giving code! with out any bugs) btw he become GF in 16-20 days u can't normal reach GF so fast spending all aps on rank.

sorry that i didn't used that bug and rised gf normaly and my ap spending was not so efficient.

i have nothing to say more...

Malas said...

very good points, iShoot, you will be given credits if not yet given.

Think more on how to pick the best players in the round, well be more specific. For example best boss is the player who has sent most messages and has biggest family or just richest family boss?

periodical lists of best players and families are a good idea, i think we will have to implement that.

thanks for the comments and don't be angry. Anger makes dick smaller :D Joking ;) Peace ;)

T-0588 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
T-0588 said...

well u will come august 28 to my fam mini meet and then we will talk face to face. refusals are not accepted.

btw i have idea how to make auto award list every 7 days. but that we will talk in skype.

katras said...

why there is no prizes for diening the most time during the round?:)

katras said...


Robbo said...

There should be an award for best kill of the round?

Mindertux said...

So no awards for chaos winners?

Robbo said...

Best family should not be decided by highest networth or most members it should be done by what family kick ass

kswiss said...

I strongly agree with T-0588, liam and uncle pops where great players in the round, but going a whole round without being killed, and pulling Ssg into wars and back out the other side is some achevment i think, i vote ishoot best player...
Dont leave ishoot you will be greatly missed...

kswiss said...

oh yeah when is the next round starting???

LaCoka said...

Malas you are comedian. Me stomach hurt from laughing.
Cosa Nostra best family




Gigigity said...

shut up cheater

Gigigity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LaCoka said...

suck my dick,and shut up you ashole :D

Malas said...

i need the true idea hot to pick up the winners of the round!

please write me an email if you have one

T-0588 said...

first i need to know your email! or pm me in FB or in Skype. i have ideas

belekas said...

so 20 players that stayed alive in chaos will get nothing ?

LaCoka said...

Why will get nothing? Will get big fuck :D